Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Baby card

Hey!  It's less than a month and I'm back.   Today I am sharing a new Baby card that I just mailed out with a present today.  It's a pretty simple card.  It is from a file from the Silhouette store and I added a few of my own touches to it.

I added the stitching on the onesies and the edges of the white layer and then I added the twine for a clothesline.  I also added the rhinestones and the layer on the inside of the card that hangs our from the bottom of the card.  I thought that would make it a bit different and then the white would show through the holes in the front of the card.  Plus I stamped on the inside!  Like I said, it was simple but I had fun.

Also, sorry they are a bit crooked but I've been having problems scanning straight lately.  I scanned one card at least 10 times trying to get it to look straight!

Hope everyone has a Happy Father's Day!  I haven't made the card for that yet, either.  I guess it is because we gave him his gift a month ago.  Got him some computer program he wanted that cost and arm and a leg!
LOL it was way more than my Designer edition of the silhouette program.  LOL

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