Saturday, March 5, 2011

Le Flower Burst

Well it's been a month since I last posted but I've been busy. I thouhgt I'd share my new purchase with you today. I purchased the EK Success Le Flower Burst punch this week and love it. It's quite versatile.

I've used it on a page inside of this little book as a "tab". You can see it sticking out the right side of the book. I have also played with it, punching it repeatedly on both sides of a strip of cardstock, with a narrow rectangle in the middle that you can stamp a phrase on. Then I've also taken a strip and punched the flower on 2 opposing sides but close enough together to form a whole large flower.

Another idea that I haven't tried yet, but will soon, will be to cut a rectangle of cardstock and punch the flower burst once on the top and once on the bottom, to use the entire piece as a layer on a card with the stamped image in the center.
In the second photo, you can see how I used the flower as a tab on the "notes" page and then also used a second punched flower to fill in the area that is cut out of the upper part of the page.
This book was made from a Puffs tissue box, so I had to work with the shape that was already cut into the box.
This punch was rather expensive but I see a lot of uses and versatility for it. The one downfall of this punch is also why I bought it! It is a very large punch and will only "fit" on some items. I bought it anyway because the large-ness of the flower is what gives it such impact.