Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ribbons and Rosettes for Christmas

I'm finally posting again. I couldn't wait to open my new Ribbons and Rosettes Cricut cartridge and I had to try out making a rosette to be used as a package decoration for Christmas. I welded several images together in the Cricut Craft room to make this rosette without having to glue so many pieces together. This way each rosette is only two pieces instead of 6 or so.

I couldn't get the Floral 3 rosette image to weld correctly in CCR, so I switched to the image called Scallop 3 and it worked out well. I cut both rosettes at 2 inches and then cut a little more than a quarter of an inch off the inner edge of the red rosette. I did it this way because, although I wanted my red rosette to be smaller so the gold rosette would show, I wanted all of the mountain and valley folds to match up exactly. Next time maybe I won't match them up and will just build the rosettes up in more of a pyramid.

I cut the scalloped circle from the Flower 7 image at 1.5 inches for the top circle and added an epoxy sticker. I just used a circle on the back to layer this all onto but could have used a different shape since it won't show. Used Glossy Accents to put all of this together but may try a hot glue gun like Tim Holtz suggests next time for faster drying.

This rosette will be on the present for my friend tomorrow like it is in the photo.

I hope to be back before Christmas, but if I'm not have a Blessed Christmas one and all!

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